Cancellation & refund

The following applies only in the event of a contract: on the Internet; or by phone; or in your house.
In addition to your normal statutory rights, with a few exceptions, see below, as a consumer, you also have the right to terminate the contract at any time within fourteen days after the date your order was delivered to you, or if you have ordered more than one product and they are shipped in different dates, fourteen days after the date of the last delivery of your order. Please contact the respective store handling your order for cancellation.

Online orders

If your order has not been delivered and you want to cancel it, you can do it in one of the following ways:

Online: contact our customer service on 07585646630.

Store: Contact the local store that served your order (the contact details of the local store can be found in our order confirmation email).

A member of staff will check the status of your order and confirm if it is possible to cancel.

Call to buy orders

If you placed an order over the phone with a Call to Buy line rather than a standalone store, call our sales team on 07585646630 and one of our sales team will check to see if the cancellation is possible.

Phone orders and orders placed at home

If your order was placed by telephone directly with the store, or was placed with an appraiser at your home, it has not arrived and you want to cancel your order, please contact the store, which will check the status of your order and confirm if cancellation is possible. Cancellation will not be possible if the carpet has already been cut to fit your order.

Floor coverings

The right of cancellation does NOT apply to products manufactured to your specifications. This includes floor coverings cut from a roll to your order. If the products are excluded from your right to cancel, we will find out if they have already been cut to your specifications, and if not, we will accept the cancellation of your order and refund your money. However, if the product has been prepared for you, we will only accept cancellation if we are able to deduct a portion of the purchase price from the refund we pay you in order to cover the loss we will incur if we sell your purchase as a balance at a discounted price in one of our stores. We will notify you of any such payments and you can then decide if you want to cancel your order.


When your products arrive, you have a reasonable opportunity to verify that these are the products you ordered. Otherwise, you should not cut, fit, or use them (except to check if they are suitable products). You must save the packaging so that it can be reused, if possible, for returning them. You are responsible for the condition of the products and for their proper care while they are in your possession. Please contact the store where you ordered the items within 14 days of delivery.

It is your responsibility to take reasonable care of your food before the end of the chilling period. In particular, you must ensure that the food is not contaminated in any way.

How to return an item

If you cancel your order and wish to return the items in accordance with your legal right to cancel.

For floor coverings (except rugs) and plywood, we organizeorganise a collection of products. You must pick up any floor covering and provide it for collection. It must not be cut or damaged. A fee equal to the shipping cost of the item will be charged. You will still be required to pay the initial product shipping fee in addition to the collection fee and any installation fees as per a separate agreement between you and the installer.

If you purchased a rug or pillow by calling your local store, only that rug or pillow can be returned to your local Cametex store for free.

Any refund of the purchase price in respect of the return will be subject to deduction of the applicable fee.

After the expiration of the fourteen day "reflection period" statutory period, you will receive protection of your legal rights. If you are unsure of your rights, do not hesitate to seek advice from Trade Standards or another advisory body.